Why Enterprise Blockchain Investing Is a Big Deal Right Now


Why Enterprise Blockchain Investing Is a Big Deal Right Now


“Bitcoin has the same character a fax machine had. A single fax machine is a doorstop. The world where everyone has a fax machine is an immensely valuable thing.” — Larry Summers, Former US Secretary of the Treasury


We are already living in a world that runs on information — and whoever has the best access to data pulls the strings that define their own and others’ future.


However, blockchain technology represents the dawn of a new era — one where data is free of manipulation and resources are accessible to all.


Big Companies Jumping on the Blockchain Bandwagon

Throughout 2020 and early 2021, we’ve had the opportunity to witness a number of high-profile companies — leaders in their respective industries — abandoning the notion that blockchain is a fad.


As a result, they have invested billions of dollars in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in an attempt to monetize their investment in the long run. This, in turn, has started the avalanche of enterprise blockchain adoption resulting in a steady coin price increase several times over.


But it’s not all about the big picture.


As stated in a Forbes article, investors who want to make money on blockchain, need to invest in the companies that are both earning revenues from it today and building the systems that might make for a new revenue stream in the future. It’s a combination of long-term bets and very short-term ones, too.


That is why enterprise adoption of blockchain is on the rise

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