Free Cryptocurrency Withdrawal All July on Bitzlato!

The month of July comes with great news for all Bitzlato users in Africa. Users can take their digital currency experience to the next level by enjoying the whole month of free cryptocurrency withdrawals on the platform. We are hereby saying that as of the 1st of July 2021, all African users of the Bitzlato platform will be able to withdraw their cryptocurrencies on this platform at zero network fees. This follows a $1000 giveaway challenge for the region.


How can you go about this?

On Bitzlato P2P, you can easily withdraw your crypto for free using the vouchers for free withdrawal. The process of getting them is very simple. All you need is to make at least 1 deal using one of the African local currencies (NGN, KES, ZAR, DZD, EGP, ILS, IRR, AOA, BWP) and on the following day, you will find a voucher in your cabinet. Over the years, Bitzlato has kept on evolving and providing seamless solutions for African traders such as:


Sending crypto on the platform for free with no limits.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies as well as creating your own ads at 0% fee.

2 user interfaces: Web-platform and Telegram-bot.

No strict KYC policy. Thus, you do not need to pass verification on the platform to participate in cryptocurrency trading.

A very high security level. It is designed in such a way that cryptocurrency is not debited from the wallet until the transaction is successfully completed and confirmed by both participating parties.

It is worth pointing to the fact that Bitzlato stands as an amazing and a unique opportunity for all African users. It works towards providing the best satisfactory conditions to all its users.




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